About Adept

ADEPT - Centre of Excellence, is a pioneer in IT training. We judiciously combine theoretical knowledge with practical implementations in our courses. Much care and meticulous planning has undergone in our training program to bring out Career-oriented Corporate Professionals.

Why Adept?

Gone are the days when education was limited only to traditional learning and mucking up books to create toppers .Coz we out here value your passion to reach the heights more than your scorecard. Quite relatable? Isn’t It? With Adept-Centre of Excellence we give you an exposure to create a niche in the real world by inculcating you with practical implementations and not just the theoretical knowledge. Sounds good? Then this is gonna blow you off definitely –We offer the latest technologies and give you the most comprehensive spectrum of courses that will definitely bring out the best in you turning you into Career Oriented Corporate professionals. With trained faculties having experience of handling and delivering unbeatable software products in IT Industry, we would expose you to similar scenarios training you to be an expert contributing immensely to IT industry in future. Still in a dilemma? We can understand that you will walk-in as beginners but what we can guarantee is that you will walk out as successful IT Technocrats prepared to beat the heat of the competition outside. Give it a thought coz it’s a win-win situation coz we offer courses at minimal prices because our aim is to create IT professionals and not money making .This is a step towards creating IT professionals , be a part of it coz when you don’t have anything to loose, you only win. So all our enthusiastic youth out there waiting for that chance, this is it .Go for it.

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About CEBS

Not just an organization but a maker of professionals. Wanna know how? With outstanding and remarkable services like ADEPT. CEBS has succeeded in creating indelible impressions over young minds by recognizing and nourishing the unutilized minds with tinge of both knowledge and confidence to create an edge over others by coming up with flying colors. So, all you guys and girls out there. Gear up coz this is the place, this is the opportunity, push the paddle and create history!!!

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