Advance Java / J2EE

Advance Java / J2EE

Duration: 1 months
Fee type: Free

Java has been an evergreen and most popular technology among the developers and enterprises since last two decades. Java is No# 1 platform for developing and delivering embedded applications, games, Web content, and enterprise software. With more than 9 million Java Developers worldwide, the technology is empowering the IT/ITEs. The reason for the popularity of java is its unique portability and its capability of operating similarly on any hardware or operating system. It’s secure, simple and robust. More than 3 million devices run java. 100% of Blu-Ray Disc Players are shipped with Java.

The Course is Industry Oriented and has been designed by the Industry Expert. The Software Engineers who are having very vast experience in Java/J2EE are the mentor. The Course involves the student into the real time projects (Live Project, which CEBS is working on) to give hands-on experience. The Course includes 100% practical and real life examples to implement into the programming. Students will be getting a corporate learning environment where they can learn not only the technology but also the actual Software Development. Apart from learning the students will able to get familiar with the corporate culture. We encourage our trainees to handle real time programming challenges which makes them even more versed and job ready.

1. Collection and Generics

Duration: 1 week

·         Collection Framework

·         List, ArrayList, Vector class

·         LinkedList class

·         Iterator and ListIterator interface

·         Set, HashSet class

·         Map interface

·         HashMap class

·         Comparable and Comparator

·         Properties class

·         Generics


Duration: 1 week

·         JDBC Drivers

·         Steps to connect to the database

·         Connectivity with Oracle

·         Connectivity with MySQL

·         Connectivity with Access without DSN

·         DriverManager

·         Connection interface

·         Statement interface

·         ResultSet interface

·         PreparedStatement

·         ResultSetMetaData

·         DatabaseMetaData

·         Storing image

·         Retrieving image

·         Storing file

·         Retrieving file

·         Stored procedures and functions

·         Transaction Management

·         Batch Processing

·         JDBC New Features

3. Basics of Servlets

Duration: 1 week

·         Servlet: What and Why?

·         Basics of Web

·         Servlet API

·         Servlet Interface

·         GenericServlet

·         HttpServlet

·         Servlet Life Cycle

·         Working with Apache Tomcat Server

·         Steps to create a servlet in Tomcat

·         How servlet works?

·         Servlet in Eclipse

·         ServletRequest methods

·         Registration example with DB

·         RequestDispatcher

·         sendRedirect

·         ServletConfig methods

·         ServletConfig example

·         ServletContext methods

·         ServletContext example

4. State management

Duration: 1 week

·         Cookies

·         Hidden Form Field

·         URL Rewriting

·         HttpSession

5. Filters and Listeners

Duration: 1 week

·         Understanding Filters

·         Filter,FilterConfig and FilterChain

·         Creating custom filters

·         Understanding Listeners

·         SessionListener

·         ServletContextListener

6. Java Server Pages(JSP)

Duration: 1 week

·         JSP Introduction

·         JSP Execution

·         Directives

·         Scriptlets

·         Expression

·         Declaration

·         Comments

·         Error Handling

·         Implicit objects

·         JSP Actions

·         Expression Language(EL)


Duration: 1 week

·         JSTL Core Tags

·         JSTL Formatting Tags

·         JSTL Functions

·         JSTL SQL Tags

·         JSTL XML Tags

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