C Language

C Language

Duration: 1 months
Fee type: Free

The C language was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell Telephone laboratories, primarily as a systems programming language. C is a language to write operating systems with. Ritchie’s primary goals were to produce a minimalist language that was easy to compile, allowed efficient access to memory, produced efficient code, and did not need extensive run-time support. Thus, for a high-level language, it was designed to be fairly low-level, while still encouraging platform-independent programming language.

1. Basics of C

Duration: 1 week

·         Structure of a program

·         Variables. Data Types

·         Constants

·         Operators

·         Basic Input/output

2. Control Structures

Duration: 1 week

·         Control Structures

·         If-Else

·         Switch

·         While loop

·         Do while loop

·         For loop

·         Nested loops

3. Functions

Duration: 1 week

·         Inbuilt Functions

·         User define Functions

4. Compound data types

Duration: 1 week

·         Arrays

·         Character Sequences

·         Pointers

·         Structure

·         Dynamic Memory

·         Data structures

·         Other Data Types

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