Java Script and AngularJs

Java Script and AngularJs

Duration: 2 months
Fee type: Free

JavaScript is a simple, powerful, and popular programming language that is built into web browsers for validating user input. JavaScript is a programming language that can be included on web pages to make them more interactive and attractive. You can use it to check or modify the contents of forms, change images, open new windows and write dynamic page content. You can even use it with CSS to make DHTML (Dynamic Hypertext Markup Language). This allows you to make parts of your web pages appear or disappear or move around on the page. Learning JavaScript is especially useful if you are a web designer and already know HTML and CSS, because it is used to make web pages interactive. However, JavaScript is not limited to making interactive web pages; you can also use it for server-side programming using a framework like Node.js.

1. Overview

Duration: 1 week

·         Variables

·         Operators

2. Control statement

Duration: 1 week

·         If –Else

·         Switch-Case

·         While loop

·         For loop

·         For-in loop

·         Loop control

3. Function and Events

Duration: 1 week

·         Function and types of function

·         Events

4. State Management

Duration: 1 week

·         Cookies

·         Page Redirect

5. JavaScript Other features

Duration: 1 week

·         Dialog Box

·         Void keyword

·         Page printing

6. Object

Duration: 1 week

·         Number

·         Boolean

·         Array

·         String

·         Date

·         Math

7. RegExp

Duration: 1 week

8. DOM

Duration: 1 week

9. Error and Exception

Duration: 1 week

10. Form Validation

Duration: 1 week

11. Browser Properties and Methods

Duration: 1 week

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